3DWEB™ is the 3D display solution designed by STUDEC for the technical documentation. It enables you to integrate 3D in your writing process in the same way as 2D illustrations. It includes a module of conversion of your CAD Cortona or Catia Composer datas towards the 3DWEB format and a display library of the 3DWEB format that you can integrate in your application.


3DWEB™ provides your users with simple and ergonomic functions

  • Display within the IPC
  • Display of maintenance tasks
  • 3D browsing
  • 3D animations

With 3DWEB™

  • Improve the visual rendering of your applications whatever the field is: technical documentation, training, demonstration etc…
  • Save deployment costs : works without plugin, with all the browsers supporting HTML 5 on PCs, tablets and mobiles
  • Save material costs : works on all materials without any specific graphic card
  • Benefit from the high performances : up to 12 frames per second for 2,5 millions of polygons with a loading four to eight times faster than competing applications
  • Protect your datas : the display format is illegible with the 3D display tools of the market

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