Our offer

Studec designs for your needs content and shape documents enabling users to

install, deploy and implement,

exploit, use


have material or systems in all Industry and Defense fields

Our offer in documentary engineering leans on mastered methods and standards which insure an efficient and competitive documentary production. Our teams take care of a documentation design that will address your needs, whether it is structured and/or modular, and the conversion of an existing and unstructured document base. We intervene in different fields: technical writing, classifications writing, OTAN codification, computer-aided design (CAD), desktop publishing (DTP) etc.

Studec’s experience, size, teams’ expertise and R&D developments insure the success of the documentary projects that are entrusted to us.

Our strenghts

Years of experience

Studec has been drafting industrial manuals for more than 60 years

Operation Manual

User Manual

Aircraft Maintenance Manual

Trouble Shooting Manual

Illustrated Part Catalogue

Wiring Diagram Manual

Component Maintenance Manual

The knowledge of our normative environment

Studec has an expert knowledge of norms and standards related to technical documentation: ATA100, ATA2000, iSpec2200, S1000D from 1.7 to 4.1, Rafale CTG all versions, CAESAR, MAT1000D, FSAF, DTD GIAT, AIR106F, ASD 2000M, ASD 3000L etc.
Studec experts sit at the GIFAS+ « mirror committee ».

A tried and tested methodology at every stage

  • Designation and analysis of the needs
  • Design of the documentary structure
  • Using and integration of existing elements
  • Drafting of documents in compliance with particular standards or specification
  • Publishing on all kind of supports (paper, CD/DVD, Internet, handheld computers…)

A foolproof process

Since 2010, Studec deployed its major projects management method in work units. It leans on two essential approaches:

 Process insuring the follow-up of the life cycle and control of each work units.

 A collaborative tool used daily by more than 400 engineers and technicians throughout several sites, especially in our Indian subsidiary CADES-Studec technology India


A technological expertise

Our teams have an expert knowledge and use of the XML structured publishing tools which enables the production of your documentations content. They benefit from STUDEC’s software that maximize the writing, the publishing and the control.

STUDEC is also the publisher of the WEBXML writing and publishing program. p>

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An experience in the most complicated systems

Studec produces documentations for civilian and military aircrafts, helicopters, missiles, submarines, frigates, aircraft carriers, liners, locomotives, electronic and mechanic equipment, software…

Offshore and offset

Studec created a production unit including more than 300 people in charge of the technical content drafting : CADES Studec Technologies India (CSTI). CSTI is certified EN 9100 and ISO 9001. It is organized to deliver the same high-quality level as our European production units. It has been working in a company mode for more than 10 years.

It enables us to have the expertise required as well as a fast ramp-up under very short periods.