Our offer

Studec is an expert in the development of technical data enhancement software. Our 50 engineers have been designing solutions internally and for our clients for more than 20 years

  • In project management
  • In service provision
  • As products publisher
  • Using the JAVA technologies (J2E, JavaFX, Spring), XML XSL, C++ (MFC, STL), ASP.NET, Android, iOS, Progress…

Studec has an expert knowledge in the development cycle of software, from the initial collection of needs to the final in production deployment, including the retro-engineering and ramp-up processes for the takeover of existing projects.

Our fields of activities

Technical documentation

Studec develops publishing solutions (builder) and technical documentation presentation WEB software (viewer) complying with the ATA and S1000D standards. Studec also produces the Safran Aircraft Engines and Safran Helicopter Engines publishing tools

Studec is the software publisher of the drafting and publishing WEBXML program

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Studec also develops solutions:

 Of control

 Of conversion from an old S1000D standard towards the S1000D 4.1

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Electronic document management

Studec develops Document Management System (DMS) solutions.

  • Specific, especially the GEDIOM platform for DIETSMANN,
  • Based on open-source, especially NUXEO.

3D data handling

Studec develops 3D data handling solutions: simplifying software enabling to run a 3D model elaborated to meet the formation and technical documentation needs.

Studec is the publisher of the 3DWEB library

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Remote assistance

Studecis the publisher of the WYSIWIS software

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The team

Our development team is made up of engineers experienced in the latest technologies.

We pay great attention to the quality of our services: nothing is more motivating for us than our clients’ congratulations and satisfaction.
We are passionate : we enjoy computer code, technologies. R&D is essential for us: augmented reality, virtual reality, flexibility, 3D innovations or automatic proofreading of the natural language are part of our daily tasks, at the very heart of our projects.
We are committed: the most experienced ones bring support to each member of the team at every stage of the development process.
We are a human-sized firm: our management is attentive to our ideas.


IT technology is part of the technologies that experience the faster evolution. Aware of what is at stake, Studec constantly improves its “Software factory” and the skills of its colleagues.

  • Colleagues training
  • Presentation of new subjects during the « technological meals » each week
  • Work follow-up with Redmine
  • Control with SonarQube
  • Code proofreading with Atlassian Crucible
  • Intégration continue sous Jenkins
  • Configuration handling with Subversion and Git