Our Team

Studec formed a strong team of engineers and technicians specialized in Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and Logistics Support Analysis (LSA).

These experts worked or are currently working on great aeronautic or naval programs such as the Super-Puma, Tigre, Dauphin, NH 90 helicopters, the Sawari 2 and the Horizon frigates or the communication system MATILDE.
Studec acts upstream to make sure that all the obligations linked to logistics support are considered and integrated in the equipment definition studies.


Our process

Studec performs Logistics Support Analysis in accordance with an iterative process centering its studies on:

The identification of components creating costs

Employment themes

Operations of preventive and corrective support determined by FMECA, RCM or MSG-3 analyses

The testability and calculation of failure
detection and localization probabilities

Supporting alternatives, level of repairs (LORA)

Life Cycle Cost (LCC)

The detailed analysis of supporting elements and their mutual coherence

The operational control of the supporting system quality

The creation of a Logistic Support Analysis Record (LSAR)