Values firmly rooted since 1956

Studec values
are born from its positionning in the industrial cycle and from the nature of its activities.

STUDEC Business is services, built on and around human factors which are the cornerstone of our entire range of offers.
Human Factors
are vital in relations among all our collaborators, technical staff, business engineers and managers.
From the outset
collaborators are selected for their aptitude for team work and their intent to place the common interest above all others.
The same goes for STUDEC customer and partner relations.
Fulfilling commitments and customer satisfaction with required quality and ongoing goals in no way curbs the open mindedness of our collaborators striving towards solutions to provide.

Since 1956,
Studec longevity is mainly the result of respect for business ethics and of the priority given to dialogue over open conflicts.
Troughout its history,
STUDEC has been able to adapt to change and anticipate the technological evolutions impacting its fields of activities.

Gender equality

In compliance with the provisions of the French “Professional Future” (Loi Avenir) Law of September 5th 2018, seeking to remedy gender pay gaps,
Studec publishes its gender equality index, which, for 2019, gives 75 points out of a maximum of 100.
We are committed to a series of voluntary actions to encourage gender equality at STUDEC.