An incredibly simple solution

  • Use audio communications and HD videos
  • Identify the problem in real time
  • Take close-up shots of the problem, draw and add information on the photo
  • Share photos, documents, and the screen of applications on the specialist’s PC


In addition to the standard functions for this type of application (video, sound, chat, document and screen sharing, recording, etc.), WYSIWIS® provides you with:


Real-life operating conditions: WYSIWIS® can deal with network fluctuations in the field, and can even drop down to 40 kbps, the rate at which modems were transferring data back in the 1990s!


High-level security: WYSIWIS® encrypts communications, physically separates customer data, controls accesses, and can be fully deployed in the IT infrastructure of industrial partners.

A resolutely operational design

WYSIWIS® is used without training, its functions facilitate the daily use

Video sharing

A real-time tactile pointer to designate an element or a problem

Sharing technical information

Work on high definition photo

Hands-free drawing

Screen sharing

Call history


WYSIWIS® is now available for Windows PCs and tablets and all their compatible peripheral devices: borescope cameras, digital borescopes, wireless headset cameras, hands-free chest cameras, etc. The Android version is set to arrive at the end of 2016.
WYSIWIS is available as a SaaS or can be deployed in your infrastructure.

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