STUDEC coders in Toulouse, Paris, Lorient, Vitrolles and Bourges have all participated in the “Coders/French organization managers” training course organized by the CIMD (the French defense material identification center).

What is a codification system used for ? All equipment holders, both manufacturers and users, need a system that can identify any given IoS. In times of both war and peace, the NATO codification system (NCS) shall provide all user nations with accurate data on all supplies, alow quick access to information and use a common language to be understood by all. This entire supplies database is managed by the CIMD.


This system helps standardize equipment, encouraging interoperability between the French Armed Forces and NATO.

The database allows designers and project managers to check for those parts already stocked in the supply system, which could be used rather than producing a new Item of Supply (IoS). This reduces the range of IoS to be managed and prevents unnecessary costs for experimentation, identification, storage and other related supply functions. Generalized knowledge of the IoS used within French Armed Forces and NATO helps procurement avoid unnecessary purchases.

The NATO Codification system and its IoS descriptive models have many advantages even for those users outside of the defense community.