Studec offers you various services to meet your needs and accompany you in your various projects.

Our expertise and experience make Studec an indispensable pillar to enable you to achieve your objectives through a 100% personalised and relevant approach.


We develop software products in-house: XML and 3D data publishing chain, format conversion and real-time remote support.

And to help you achieve your goals, we develop specific software that is tailored exclusively to the needs of our customers.


At Studec, we write all types of documents describing the handling, functionality and architecture of a technical product or a product under development or in use.

Thanks to the expertise of our teams of writers, illustrators and translators and the development of dedicated tools, we facilitate access to and sharing of this type of information in a global environment.


Individualisation, face-to-face, distance learning… Studec develops and implements numerous training engineering models, by analysing needs and defining the best pedagogy, in a search for efficiency.


Responding to the multilingual needs of our clients, at all stages of their activities. Management of deadlines thanks to our expertise in large projects with major accounts. 30 different languages, more than 30 specialists and a vast network of subcontractors.

Integrated Logistics Support and Industrial Studies

Our expertise consists of studying, analysing and planning the support elements such as infrastructure, personnel, training, spare parts and documentation necessary for the implementation of equipment (aircraft, radar, electronic equipment, etc.) throughout its life cycle.